Teens...why should you join MoneyTrail?

MoneyTrail will track your allowance and will track credit and cash exchanges between you and your parents. You will always know how much money you are supposed to have --- anywhere, anytime via your computer or your mobile device. Mobile devices include cell phones, iPod Touch and Nintendo DSi. With MoneyTrail, you will have the confidence to quickly and accurately discuss your financial status with your parents.

How do you know if MoneyTrail will help you? See if any of these scenarios are familiar to you...

  • You ask your parents for your allowance. Unfortunately, you don’t remember how many weeks ago it was when you were last paid. You think it was 4 weeks ago, but was it really? You are not sure how much allowance they owe you. MoneyTrail automatically tracks your allowance for you.

  • You want to go to the movies with your friends. You know your Dad owes you money for mowing the grass and also owes you for two weeks of allowance. However, your parents aren't quite sure that your numbers are correct. Now you have to get them to remember the events and convince them that you do indeed have that much money. MoneyTrail tracks all of that so that you can quickly, confidently and accurately show your parents how much money you have.

  • Your mom asks you to babysit for an evening. When your parents return, they owe you $25 in babysitting money. However, they do not have the cash and say they will pay you later. Keeping up with IOU’s can be difficult and can result in stressful conversations. MoneyTrail can keep track of how much money you earn doing jobs for your parents.

  • You want to donate part of your allowance to your favorite charity but often lose track of how much that would be. Or, perhaps you want to set aside part of your allowance because you are saving for a car or college. MoneyTrail has a Save, Spend, Share option so that you can consistently divide your allowance into categories.

Keeping up with the back and forth line of credit between teens and parents can be crazy and annoying. MoneyTrail keeps track of allowance, credit, cash, gift cards and checks and is easily accessible via the internet. MoneyTrail can handle the financial relationships that exist within every family!