Save Spend Share

Save, Spend, Share is a common money management technique that helps you prioritize how your money is used. It involves dividing an allowance payment into three categories -- saving, spending and sharing. The Save account helps you put money away for future use. The Spend account tracks the amount of money that you are able to spend within the guidelines of your family. Finally, the Share account tracks the amount of money that you would donate or share with the charity or religious organization of your choice. It reinforces the habit of "paying it forward".

MoneyTrail’s Save, Spend, Share option provides this money management technique for you. You can choose to have your allowance automatically divided into a Save Account, a Spend Account and a Share Account. You choose the amounts for each category. For example, if you normally gets $5 per week for allowance, you could choose to divide it this way:

  • $2 into Save Account
  • $2 into Spend Account
  • $1 into Share Account
Account Details page with Allowance Deposits

Please note that MoneyTrail does not handle "real" money. We are a virtual money tracking system to keep up with the financial transactions between parents and kids. MoneyTrail will virtually “deposit” these amounts into your accounts each week or each month so that you never lose track of how much allowance is owed or when it was last paid.