Parents...why should you join MoneyTrail?

MoneyTrail will reduce your need for cash and will track allowance and credit between you and your child. You will always know how much money your child has --- anywhere, anytime via your mobile device. Let us simplify some of your parenting responsibilities, giving you more time and less stress with your children.

How do you know if MoneyTrail will help you? See if any of these scenarios are familiar to you...

  • Your son asks you for his allowance. You have absolutely no idea when you last paid his allowance or how much money you owe him. He claims it was 4 weeks ago, but was it really? MoneyTrail automatically tracks allowance for you!

  • You go to a restaurant for lunch and pull out your wallet to pay. You have no cash because you gave it to your son for his allowance. MoneyTrail allows you to pay allowance with credit and keep your cash in your wallet!

  • You want to teach your children how and why to save money, encourage them to donate to charities and develop their ability to budget their money. MoneyTrail has a Save, Spend, Share option to make it easy for you!

  • Your son has a cell phone and must pay you each month for his portion of the family’s monthly cell phone bill. His line costs $10 per month. He often forgets to pay you for it or when he does remember it, he wants to use the allowance that you owe him to pay for it. You can use MoneyTrail to set up his phone payment to you as an automatic purchase.

  • Your daughter wants to buy a new purse. She has saved half of the money to cover the cost. She promises that she will pay you back. Do you have a system for keeping up with this loan? How will she pay you back? Three months go by and you can’t remember when or if she ever completely paid you back. MoneyTrail keeps track of the credit transactions between you and your child!

Keeping up with the back and forth line of credit between parents and children can be a daunting task. MoneyTrail keeps track of allowance, credit, cash, gift cards and checks and is easily accessible through the internet. MoneyTrail can handle the financial relationships that exist within every family!