Gift Cards

Gift cards are used more and more these days and are a very common gift for a lot of teens. We often find that our kids may have 3 – 4 gift cards at any given time and keeping track of these can be difficult. MoneyTrail allows you to virtually deposit gift cards to help your child keep track of and manage his cards. It helps you to:

  • Know what cards you have: Once you virtually deposit your cards, you will have a list of what cards you own. You will have a record of what type of card, the value of each and any restrictions placed on it by the company.
  • Know your card balances: Once you make a purchase with your gift card, come back to your MoneyTrail account and record the purchase. The balance in your account will be adjusted so that in the future, when you want to know how much is left on your card, all you will need to do is log on to your MoneyTrail account. This is much quicker and easier than calling actual company to determine what is left on your card.
  • Know the card restrictions: Many companies place restrictions on their gift cards, such as expiration dates or a reduction in value over time. If you aren’t aware of these restrictions, you might unknowingly forfeit all, or part, of the value of the card. To prevent this loss from occurring, MoneyTrail allows you to enter the details of your card restrictions. You can find these on the back of the gift card or by visiting the specific company’s website. Simply record these details in your MoneyTrail account. Keeping track of this information will help you use your gift card in a timely fashion without incurring any penalties.

MoneyTrail's unique gift card feature allows you to quickly and easily view your gift card balances and review the restrictions or details of each one.