Family Financial Workshops

MoneyTrail offers three Family Financial Workshops for families in the Atlanta area. We come to your location and work with groups of 30 - 60 participants. If you are interested in one of our workshops or would like more information, please contact Pam Whitlock by calling 404-890-0142 or emailing

Raising Money Smart Kids

Raising Money Smart Kids is a 1 1/2 hour financial literacy workshop for parents who want to raise financially responsible and successful kids. The goal of the workshop is to provide parents with the necessary knowledge, tools and ideas to incorporate a unique financial system for their children that match the goals and values of the family. Throughout the workshop, parents will discuss real-life examples of kids who are saving, spending and making financial choices at various ages. Raising Money Smart Kids will be led by Pam Whitlock, co-owner of MoneyTrail and mother of four children. Pam is also a former elementary school teacher and combines her love of teaching with her passion of developing financially literate kids and teens.

Women and Finances

Women and Finances is a two hour workshop designed to cover all aspects of a woman's financial life. The first hour will consist of a shortened version of our Raising Money Smart Kids workshop and the focus will be on what Mom's can do to instill financial literacy in their children (ages 5 thru 18). The second hour will focus on personal finance for women, including budgeting, saving, organizing your finances and prioritizing our choices. The featured speaker and leader for the second hour will be Sheena Williams, Founder and CEO of SheWill, Inc. Sheena also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and has over 10 years of experience in Corporate America.

Mother & Daughter Financial Summits

MoneyTrail is partnering with SheWill, Inc. to offer Mother & Daughter Financial Workshops in the Atlanta area. SheWill is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization created to educate young girls, between the ages of 8 and 17, on the importance of financial literacy and career empowerment.

The Mother Daughter Financial Summit is committed to help mothers prepare their children for financial independence and show daughters how to prepare for life as an adult. One of the most valued lessons a mother can offer her child is how to develop a budget. This is an amazing opportunity for mothers and daughters to gain life skills, build self-esteem and discuss finances through interactive activities! In this workshop, the mothers will be working with Pam Whitlock, co-owner of MoneyTrail, and will focus on the skills needed to raise financially literate girls. The daughters will work with Sheena Williams, CEO of, on budgeting, career empowerment and money skills.

For more information about these workshops or to book a workshop at your location, please contact Pam Whitlock at 404-890-0142 or pam (at)