The Idea

The idea for MoneyTrail came from years of parent frustration over tracking money between our children and ourselves. Frank and I have four children. Keeping track of allowance and IOU’s between one child and us was difficult enough. By the time we had 2, 3, and 4 children, it was downright impossible. We tried marking it on calendars or writing it down on paper. Inevitably, the paper would get lost or we would forget to check off the calendar.

As the children got older, the problem moved from just keeping track of allowance, to also keeping track of money that they owed us. It seemed as if someone was always asking to borrow $20 here or there. There were also situations where they would save their money for a big item, like an ipod. Once they had saved half of it, they would ask if they could borrow the rest and pay us back gradually. Financial bookkeeping became a huge undertaking and was the source of frustration and stress.

We keep our family budget on track with software and Frank had an idea of using the same theory to create a more family friendly version. He is a computer programmer so he put his skills to work. I am an educator and stay-at-home mom so my parenting and education experience has helped make our program educationally sound for children and practical for parents. Thus…the creation of MoneyTrail. We have used MoneyTrail for a long time now with our family and it has definitely made our parenting job a bit easier and in the process is helping our children to become more financially responsible. We hope that you find the same results with your family.


Pam Whitlock