What are Parents Saying about MoneyTrail?

"By knowing exactly what they have in their accounts, my kids are learning how to spend and save responsibly." -Susan, mom of 2:

"I just wanted to say that I have been using your site for a few months now, as part of our plan to transition our newly teenaged daughter to her own savings account, and manage allowance and iou's for both our children. I looked at many (probably all available) web services and settled on yours. Two months later, I am amazed at how beautifully it works, and how much it has simplified this small but often irritating task, for both me and my children. As an "advanced" user of computers and web-based services, I have much experience with design/usability issues, and can say with some authority that you have done a beautiful job with this web service. It's clean, simple, does what it promises, makes life easier, doesn't clutter up my children's lives with hype and "free" advertising (which I am coming to view the same way I view trans-fats). Bravo. I wish I were a blogger so I could sing your praises to the e-universe." -Shelley, mom of 2:

The kids like that I don't forget to give them their allowance, and I like that it keeps track of all of their money, not just what we owe each other. -Erika, mom of 2

“The best part is being able to check balances instantly on my phone when we're at a store.” -annonymous post

“My boys are learning some important lessons on money management by keeping track of their MoneyTrail accounts and also seeing where their money goes and learning about setting and reaching financial goals. MoneyTrail has made all of our lives easier!” -annonymous post

"And thanks for taking the time to build something for your family and sharing it with everyone. We have struggled for years and this was actually my 10 year old's idea. I'm so glad I found that comparison article which spoke so highly of MoneyTrail! I looked at several but it seemed perfect for all of us and I loved that it was created by parents. And I was also glad to see there is an app. For some reason I thought there wasn't so when I saw it advertised on the site I grabbed it quick! That's really going to help this work for us. What an encouragement to know this also means we're preparing our kids for life at the same time. My kids will never grow up and be in college :-), but when they do, having prepared them will make me glad we did this. So, again, thanks for letting us all in on your hard work and giving us support!" -Katie, mom of 3

"Moneytrail.net is super cool concept and really solid site! Heck, if it's good enough for web guru Kim Komando, it's worth a look by all. I really like the idea of teaching kids about business. Business - entrepreneurship in particular - is what made America great in the first place and in my humble view is what's likely to restore luster to our future. Teaching kids this art form early is essential to a better America. Thanks for caring and inventing moneytrail.net!" -A Google User